a friendly reminder

Hey dudes!

So, I’m trying to pinch some pennies for important events coming up in August (like this), a practice that’s apparently called, wait for it…saving.

And though I know modest living rules in more ways than one, some days, it can feel like a drag. It certainly doesn’t help that there are so many things on the Interwebs, popping up and beckoning me to BUY THEM. To help me keep perspective, I’ve been repeating this friendly reminder to myself…

Savor the wanting as much as the having.

-Marshall Sylvan

Here’s a quick peek at what I’m momentarily pining for today…

Tickets to see this guy.


♥ This well-crafted, perfect-in-size travel bag.

Pendleton’s Jerome Weekender

♥ The prettiest pink ’70s sundress.

Poppy Rose Sundress, Bleubird Vintage

♥ More music DVDs, including this one, due out early next month.

Electric Light Orchestra: Live—The Early Years

I while I wouldn’t complain if any (or all) of these beautiful things showed up on my front doorstep, overall,

I’m pretty dang content.

Afterall, the best things in life aren’t things, right?



1 thought on “a friendly reminder

  1. nice post! i think about this every time i spend the day poking around etsy :) we just have to remember that good things comes who those who wait (and sometimes give in to impatience!)

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