guest post: thrifty tips from Yelp

Today, I’m happy to turn over the blog to super sweetie Annie D’Souza, Twin Cities Community Manager for Yelp, a site that connects real people with local businesses (like thrift stores).

I’d never checked out Yelp until Annie started working there. To me, word-of-mouth recommendations are way more valuable than advice from pretentious critics, and Yelp is basically an online treasure trove of real-people reviews. It also has tons of handy features, including a service that allows you to request reminders for specific events. I’ve found it to be a total lifesaver for a scatterbrain like myself, who’s frequently without her planner but never without her Internets.

The ever-stylish Annie, whose vintage-heavy closet is packed with finds from Savers, B Squad, UpSix and her grandma’s closet, has supplied us with a few tips for achieving vintage shopping success. I hope you enjoy!

Thrifty Tips From Yelp

Photo of Rewind, posted on Yelp! by Annie

Tip #1: Welcome surprises.

When I happened upon a ratty blue dress in St. Paul’s megastore Valu Thrift, it was far from love at first sight. Ripped along the right side seam and hanging at a length I could only describe as matronly, it wasn’t the pretty frock that has become my summer uniform (frankly, I am wearing it right now). Thrifting is about an open mind and a little bit of elbow grease—or more specifically, my crafty mother’s elbow grease.

Tip #2: Even if you think you know all the tricks… you don’t.

The honest-to-goodness truth is that we’ll never run out of places to thrift. For example, Yelper Emily S. loves to shop for vintage furniture and rounded up a couple of her favorites in her list, “Places to Scavenge on a Sunday Mornings.” I like to think of myself as veteran thrifter, but, as it turns out, I had never been to any of her picks (Haupt Antiek Market in Apple Valley, Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis and Swank in St. Paul). My ego was slightly bruised, but you better believe I’ll make the rounds when I move into my new apartment!

Tip #3: Spread the good word.

Nothing is more powerful than a recommendation from someone you trust. Whether share your love for Rewind’s accessories department by reviewing it on Yelp like I did; pop onto High Plains Thrifter to let Meghan know about a garage sale next weekend; or simply tell all your friends about Blacklist Vintage (and their new and improved location), your knowledge is valuable to your community. Support the businesses you love in whatever way works for you!

2 thoughts on “guest post: thrifty tips from Yelp

  1. Just visited Lyric Arts Theater in Anoka this afternoon, they’re gearing up for a garage sale this weekend (Thurs. Aug. 5 – Sat.) and I saw a vintage wedding gown, rows of movie seat sections (attached) a larger than life Dr. Seuss inspired giraffe sculpture and tons of vintage luggage.
    Top that all off, it’s being held inside the theater – which used to be the old main-street cinema!

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