square-dance skirt

Hiya, lovelies.

Every time I put this skirt on, I feel like I should be going to a barn party where I’d square dance with fellers named Pud, eat a pound of barbecue  and drink keg beer out of Mason jars until I’m cross-eyed. Sounds like kind of a fun night, actually.

Anyway, there are lots of things to love about this handmade beauty: the girly floral print, both eyelet and ric-rac trim, ruffles  & a cut that lets me to forget about my thigh anxiety for more than a minute. Did I mention it has an elastic waist?
Love, love, love all around.

From top to bottom

Locket, a gift from grandma

Bueno Bueno key necklace

Tank top, Target

Bracelet, had for ages

Skirt, Salvation Army, Blaine

Shoes, Salvation Army, downtown Minneapolis

Tan, good ol’ Mother Nature

Thanks to Rachel Anderson for snapping my pics over lunch.

Regarding the shoes, I blew out my last remaining pair of flat sandals a couple of weeks ago and have been wearing these thrifted cuties often. In fact, I’m pretty much stuck wearing heels to work every day now. And while this delights my boyfriend to no end, I’m getting a tad sick of it. I need some new flats, ASAP!

It’s really hump day already!? Is this short work-week flying by for you all, too? I sure hope so!



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