thrift-store finds: womanly advice & soda pop bottles

Hello, hello!

I visited a couple new-to-me thrift stores over the weekend. Here are a couple of things I found…

Plaque, $1, The Fig Leaf Thrift Store, Iron River, Wisconsin

Framed daisy crewel piece, $3, Bethesda Dress for Less Thrift Store, Maplewood, Minnesota

I actually got this a while back, but just hung it up last week. Once I did, I noticed that two of the three pieces of art in my  living room feature daisies. They’re one of my favorite flowers, so that makes sense! I so am going to end up that old lady with “themed” rooms if I’m not careful.

A slew of vintage soda bottles, 25-50 cents each, Family Pathways Thrift Store, Pine City, Minnesota

I also got a beautiful blue suitcase for my pal Andrea, a couple dishes and, against my better judgment, some more illustrated cookbooks to add to my collection. As if I needed more. Good thing I plan on giving some away soon…stay tuned for details, coming very soon.

Did you hit up any thrifts over the holiday? Have any luck?




7 thoughts on “thrift-store finds: womanly advice & soda pop bottles

  1. Cuuuute finds! Although, I’m stumped by the illustrated cookbooks thing. I have been seeing a lot of bloggers write about collecting them. Do you actually cook recipes from them or are they more for display??

    • I think they’re quaint, in terms of the writing and illustrations. I do actually cook out of them, too! Plus, they’re easy to find and usually really cheap, so that makes them all too convenient to collect.

  2. Fun finds! That little crewel piece is too cute. I scored some frosted barrel mugs, a metal shelf, terry cloth jumper, woven wedges and a coaster set today. Yay! :)

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