ladies of the lake

Happy Friday, pretties!

Today, I thought I’d share some pics of my beautiful, beautiful aunties, taken at my family’s cabin in the 1960s. From oldest to youngest, let me introduce you to….


Cheryl (right)



Judie Sharyn

You can’t blame my Grandma for her boo-boo here. My mom, Judie, and her younger sister Sharyn, did look alike.

I sadly couldn’t find a black and white pic of my mom in this collection. But here’s a gem of her and my older brother, at the lake in the summer of 1982. I was born just a few months after this was taken.

Dreamy dress, right? I loves.

Well, I hope you all are having lovely mornings. I’m fully over-caffeinated, and am off to Duluth to pick up a vintage dress form, and then do some thrifting on the way back to the cabin. The afternoon holds lots and lots of swimming, sunning, reading and eating. Happy Friday, indeed.



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