wilderness girls don’t bluff

On Friday, I beat a huge thunderstorm home and found this beauty waiting for me in my mailbox.

Watching it set the tone for a very happy-hearted weekend. Here are a few reasons why you should have Netflixed this gem, like, yesterday.

♥ The clothes are fantastic. And they should be, as they were designed by Theodora Van Runkle. Of the films that have inspired my style, this ultra-talented designer is responsible for a trio of them, including, Bonnie and Clyde (Van Runkle also designed all of Faye Dunaway’s off-screen wardrobe during that time); I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!; The Godfather: Part II .

♥ Shelly Long (as Phyllis Nefler) doing the Mashed Potato is the cutest thing. In fact, everything about Phyllis’ bubbly optimism and adorable can-do spirit charms me to no end.

♥ See Jenny Lewis before she became the co-captain of the girls-with-bangs gang. (Zoe Deschanel, clearly is her co-capitaine.)

Then. Aw.

Now. Aw.

♥  My boyfriend summarized the cast best when he said, “Everyone’s in this!” He’s totally right. See: Craig T. Nelson (aka Coach), Tori Spelling, Robin Leach, Kellie Martin, Mary Gross, Kareen Abdul-Jabbar (as himself!), Willie Garson, Cheech Marin (also as himself), Carla Gugino.

♥ This song is great, but it’s the teepee in the living room at the beginning of the clip you have to see. Because I pretty much pass out with envy every time I see it.

♥ Have I mentioned the clothes???!!!

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Squeee! I must watch it again before I mail it back on Monday!!! Thank God there’s one more day left in the weekend, right?



3 thoughts on “wilderness girls don’t bluff

  1. My sister and I LOVE this movie! Oh, man, I definitely need to re-watch it…always wished my Girl Scout Troop was more like this one growing up! Maybe if my dad had been the “Muffler Man,” we could have had a swanky Bev, Hills address, too! Hahaha…

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