polka dots & parasols

When I saw the title of this ModLife post, I was like, yes, I think I would probably party down with a parasol.

In fact, I think I DID over the weekend.

Top to Bottom

Parasol: roommate’s

Headband: Nordstrom

Locket: grandma

Dress: B Squad Vintage

Shoes: Blacklist Vintage

Suitcase: Estate sale

The most random fact I learned about parasols, courtesy of the ModCloth post

“In the 19th century, a parasol was a popular gift for a gentleman to bestow upon his ‘intended.’ Due to their extravagance and expense, it was considered a serious impropriety for a gentleman to give a lady a parasol as a gift unless his intentions were serious, and it was likewise considered indecorous for a young lady to accept the gift unless she was serious about the guy.”

So, does that mean you’d be almost engaged when your fella brought you a ‘brella? Those wacky Victorians.

Photos by the lovely Louisa.



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