petty petty petty petty petty petty petty

Today was the longest work day EVER, because all I could think about was this guy.

Because my sweetie and I are going to see him tonight.

And if you know me at all, then you know that THIS IS A REALLY BIG DEAL.

Once the clock strikes five, I will not be able to contain my excitement. I’m going to try to keep my cool, but I’m likely to lose my goddamn mind.

Because Tom Petty is awesome and his music makes me so so so happy.

But first, a supper of bacon-wrapped steak, green beans, homemade biscuits & Budweiser.

I know, I know, I know. This day couldn’t get any better, could it?



2 thoughts on “petty petty petty petty petty petty petty

  1. shut up!!!! i’m seeing him this summer, too!!!!! i can’t wait. also, i haven’t forgotten about the interview! i’m heading to the midwest on saturday and i’ll be gone for a week. haven’t decided if i’m taking the ole’ laptop or not…

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