spare room makeover

I’ve reached the breaking point with my teeny, tiny bedroom closets. Or perhaps I should say they’ve reached their breaking point with me, and the excessive amount of clothing I optimistically cram into them on a daily basis.

I’m thinking of turning my spare room, which is across the hall from my bedroom,  into a dressing room/guest room. At the moment, the room is full of stuff unceremoniously shoved in there before “company” comes.


I would like to add some functional storage for my clothes, but I also don’t want my out-of-town guests to feel like they’re sleeping in my closet. Did I mention this room’s the size of a matchbox? And that the wall color is 100 kinds of wrong? Yep, yep, I know. I have my work cut out for me.

Here are a few closets/dressing rooms that are inspiring me.

This snug little closet is one of my favorites. I like the idea of putting up a shoe rack on the wall.

That portrait is so sweet. As is that jewelry stand.

(both scans from my collection of Dominos)

Another goodie from Domino. How cool is that painted striped floor?  And the fireplace? Swoon.

(via urban nest)

I love the crammed-in, cozy feeling of this closet. I’m guessing I’d probably want to borrow a lot of stuff from this gal. Starting with her necklace.

(via the glamorai)

Oh little poodle, do you know how good you have it? I’m digging on the rug and double dose of mirrors. Is the  square footage of this  greater than my entire home? Perhaps.

(via apartment therapy)

Books & clothes. Two things I could definitely use more storage space for.

(via Aishiteru Itsumo)

I need to spend some time looking through this tumblr, which is jam-packed with good home ideas. Do you, dear readers, have recommendations of where to look for interior inspiration?

I’m aiming to repaint the space next weekend, so I’d better hop to.

Ideas, advice & inspiration = welcome.



5 thoughts on “spare room makeover

  1. my closet was made for gnomes. seriously, i have to bend way down to be able to see anything in it. it’s my least favorite part of the house. oh how i’d love a closet like one of these!

  2. yes please! to all of those!!! :) meghan, thank you for being one of the first in my little post today. I LOVED getting to know yo uand agree with my twin sister– i want your job! :) i’m LOVING your blog and your love of vintage.. how adorable and GORGEOUS are you!?!

    yes, i can’t wait to read more on you. xo

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