you tube university: bandana’d hair-do

Happy Wednesday, luvs.

I found this ever-so-helpful tutorial on You Tube today about how to achieve an adorable, summery pin-up style ‘do. This gal is too cute, and unlike many beauty (and crochet!) You Tube instructors, she moves at a reasonable pace, i.e. s-l-o-w.

I’m eager to put my thrifted scarves to use this summer, and this is just one more way to rock them. Now that my head’s done up like a ’40s housewife, where else would I be off to except the kitchen? It’s Wednesday, so that means nachos. And giggles. And beers. Tonight’s variety: turkey chili with homemade nacho sauce made with real cheese. Nom.



11 thoughts on “you tube university: bandana’d hair-do

  1. Cuute! Meghan, check out the Beauty Bets blogs f/this week…there’s another fun idea for scarves (braided in long hair-super cute)!

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