my favorite holes-in-the-wall

Hi there!

Have y’all seen METRO magazine’s Hole-in-the-Wall issue yet?

METRO’s genius staff  does 12 incredible issues a year, but this is the ONE I look forward to the most. For those of you in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you have to add this issue to your must-read list of the summer.

This year, I contributed blurbs about my favorite thrift shop & a uncommonly good consignment store.
(click image to enlarge!)

My go-to shoe and leather repair guy, Mr. Lee, also got some love. (More on him, soon, I promise!)

I also extolled the virtues of my go-to Swedish deli. And wrote about how a neighborhood barbecue joint has satiated my craving for my ex’s grandma’s cooking. But you’ll have to pick up the June issue of METRO (available on newsstands everywhere now!) to get the scoop on those, and about a zillion other dives, holes, ma & pa shops, diners and other Twin Cities treasures.

If you don’t subscribe to METRO magazine, sign up today. Honest-to-goodness, the brains behind it are remarkably gifted and uncommonly creative. For $15 a year, it’s a mother-effing good deal.


You won’t regret it.



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