saturday’s thrifting haul

On Saturday my pal Mary & I trekked up Highway 169 to Elk River (about 40 minutes from Minneapolis) to do a little thrifting. I should’ve known that the floating balloon bouquet was a harbinger of good things to come.

At the balloons, we took a right and then a left and wound up here

and had some crazy luck. To start, the shop is huuuuge. My boyfriend expert source told me that the building used to house a grocery store (Ron’s Foods to be specific). And it is not picked over. Like at all. Lastly, the prices are more reasonable than the Salvation Armies in the cities.

After an hour, my cart was very happy.

I hauled home:

– a bevvy of beautiful dresses to sell

– a couple tea tins for the future Mrs. Smith’s wedding reception

– two pairs of vintage shades

– a puzzle of Sweden  (in Swedish, no less)

– a sweet ’90s button down which I’ve unfortunately already spilled both baked beans & Thai food on (go Meghan!)

-a cozy vintage wool vest from Sears

-a new Merona tweed skirt with gold thread (GOLD!)

-a button-front skirt I intend to wear as a strapless dress

– an embroidered Guatemalan jacket my mom will love love love

-brand-new rose quartz & gold earrings

What will you find?

Salvation Army Family Thrift Store

321 Baldwin Avenue Northwest

Elk River, MN


Hours: Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

It’s worth every minute of highway time. Or at least it was for Mary & me.



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