busy as a bee

Honestly, where the frick did this week go? This pic was taken on Sunday, just before my honey and I headed to the MOA for a little shoe-shopping action. It was an all-around awesome day.

Since then, I’ve been busy…

-dancing my fanny off at the George Clinton show on Monday

-eating the most delicious grilled cheese (with honey & apple!) at The Depot

-getting my socks rocked off by the Black Keys (awesome pic by a very talented & hard-working lady here) and then going next door to see the always entertaining Chooglin’

-nerding out over my pretty new iPhone case

-plotting July’s mind-untangling road trip to see Jessi

-happy hour-ing at Grumpy’s with a new co-worker, who turns out to be an old co-worker from my blink-and-you-missed-it stint at the Mississippi Market Co-Op

-meeting a blogger whose writing I admire

-hosting nacho night (<3 x a gillion)

-making plans for a picnic with this pretty lady

-playing this with my honey

-getting asked to judge a spelling bee

-dreaming of being a skilled enough baker to tackle some of these cupcakes

-watching the crap out of “The Golden Girls” Blanche-a-thon on The Hallmark Channel

-enjoying that heavenly awesomeness that is having my place to myself while the roommate’s out of town

Whew! I’ve got to make sure a night lounging on the couch is on the horizon soon. One where I can snap a pic or two of pretty pink clouds, watch some crappy TV, catch up on reading and get back to being a better blogger.

Couch photography from some night last week…



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