crushing on: eyelet

Sweet. Summery. Country. I love everything about eyelet. Want to take a peek at some eyelet-ed Etsy eye-candy? OK, go!

[Click image to go to source!]

Hi there, flirty little romper. Your $198 price tag breaks my heart.

This dress is so beautiful. There’s no way you could burp in a frock like this, right? It’s ladylike, and I’m into that.

This bib-fronted mini reminds me of something Loretta Lynn would’ve rocked back in the day. I like.

Wooden-handled bags = something different. Bonus: This one is super affordable.

I found this frilly pink thang at a Savers in Saint Cloud a few weeks back.

<Big thanks to Tate for taking my pic!>

To top it off, last night I stumbled across this angelic image of Marilyn Monroe on the set of the 1954 River of No Return in an eyelet-trimmed jumpsuit. She looks like the friggin’ patron saint of June, missing sock and all.

Ah, eyelet. Is there a cuter summer fabric out there?
I don’t think so.



P.S. Did you miss the giveaway? I’m picking a winner on Thursday, so enter soon!

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