floral denim skirt makeover

Undeterred by the size 7 tag, I bought this ankle-length, ’90s denim skirt with the magically optimistic hope that it would somehow fit me. “Ha, ha, ha! You’re funny,” said my waist. For a minute, I was sad. I imagined myself hacking three feet of fabric off, making it a mini and wearing it all summer long with my hot new Hasbeens. Sigh. I folded up my fantasy skirt and added to a pile in my basement.

Fast-forward a month and I was sitting on my living room floor, scissors in hand, making that mini dream a reality for my girl Mary, a gal  fully appreciative of the awesome print and circa-’90s tailoring. And I have to say, she looks fantastic in the finished product. Don’t you agree?

Yay floral! P.S. I love her necklace. It’s a little silver fish her boyfriend picked up for her at Via’s.

Speaking of fish, I’m so absolutely stuffed with sushi & am off to the couch to watch Cops the sun set.

Happy Sunday luvs.


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