weekend to-dos

I woke up today at 7:30 and rolled over in irritation. I’m not ready to get up for work, I was about to moan, but then the glorious, happy truth hit me: It’s Saturday. I can hardly wrap my brain around the fact that I have TWO MORE DAYS OFF. It’s almost too awesome to be true.

Here’s what I’ve got on tap for this blissful three-day break.

It’s a mix of the usual (grocery shopping, thrifting, laundry) combined with a handful of things I’ve been putting off (starting a new sewing project, Etsy listing, reading this month’s book group book). I figure with an extra day off, I have no excuse for not taking care of business.

First up, boiling a bunch of rhubarb Elissa kindly picked up for me at this morning’s farmers’ market. I saw this recipe for boozy Rhubarb Slush on A Crafty Lass this week. Not making a batch before rhubarb season ends would be a travesty!

I wish you all lovely Saturdays…



2 thoughts on “weekend to-dos

  1. ohmygodboozy+rhubarb? Vodka and rhubarb are two of my favorite things. Headed to my parents’ in a few days, where my mother grows BIG BEAUTIFUL rhubarb plants. I’ll snag some and definitely will be making a batch of this soon after.

  2. I know right? Talk about a crazy-good combo. One tip: I’d use one cup less sugar than called for. I wound up mixing half slush/half champagne in a pitcher and it was a hit. Let me know how it turns out for you!

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