sale alert: richfield all-city garage sale


Just a quick heads up that the Richfield All-City Garage Sale started today and from what I’ve heard, the sales are pretty diverse and the prices are pretty kick ass. The summary of the 102 locations includes plenty of listings for clothing, knick knacks, kitchen items, antiques, plants, furniture and kids stuff.

Some listings that caught my eye…

6814 Oakland Avenue: working 1950s stove

6441 5th Avenue: vintage comic books ($1 off on Saturday), vintage magazines, paperbacks, knick knacks

6829 12th Avenue: proceeds of sale go to breast cancer charity

7226 Russell Avenue: beer collectibles

7012 Newton Avenue: lamps, antiques, Shaker-style desk

6436 Girard Avenue: antique oak dining table with chairs, schoolhouse bookcase, Mexican table with chairs

6933 Russell Avenue: mink coat, spinning fiber, weaving books

7332 Elliott Avenue: lots & lots of books

Find the map and  list of addresses (with hours and highlighted items) as well as Richfield Liquor Store coupons (bonus!) here. You can also pick up a paper copy of the map at all four Richfield Liquor Stores.

Squeezing in a couple hours of sale-ing before work tomorrow is just the motivation I need to hit the hay at a decent hour tonight.

See you there?


P.S. Please meet my slide-guitar playing crush of the week, Jeremy Spencer (circa 1968). He and the rest of Fleetwood Mac are keeping me company this afternoon.

Yes, I know he’s  in a bat-shit crazy cult now, but back in the day, he sure ripped it up.

What is it about the slide guitar that melts me so? Can’t. Get. Enough.

4 thoughts on “sale alert: richfield all-city garage sale

  1. I went this morning and it was great! My sister in law got all sorts of clothes and toys for her kids. I got a nice stacked table thing to put plants on. Heading out again tomorrow to see what other treasures we can find!

  2. Meg, I love your blog! I’m sitting in my garage, third weekend in a row, selling the last dregs of my attic and basement treasures. I forgot you are now the High Plains Thrifter or would have saved that armadillo purse for you…

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