tea tin


This tea tin’s my favorite find from thrifting in Saint Cloud this Saturday…

Isn’t it pretty? I found it at Barker’s More 4 Less Thrift on Division Street for 99 cents. I should be thrifting tea tins for Jamie’s wedding centerpieces, but this one I may have to keep to myself. (We have until August James, it’s all good!)



8 thoughts on “tea tin

  1. You went on a thrifting trip… to my hometown! St. Cloud is pretty devoid of anything worth anything (other than that tea tin, apparently, and now not even THAT is in St. Cloud anymore). But that place on Division can be a goldmine if you go on the right day. I guess that’s the case with most thrift stores.

    You’ve made me want to go thrifting next time I’m home. I kind of miss thrift stores like Barker’s run by little old ladies who have no idea how much hipsters and/or thrifty people with a good eye will pay for their stuff which means it’s still cheaper than cheap. Although, I think the St. Cloud Savers people have kinda caught on to that.

    • I really liked the Barker’s spot–they seem to have frequent sales and the prices were already reasonable. The Savers in the same strip mall was big, but like most Savers, it was a bit too spendy for my taste. I’d like to check out the Goodwill and Barker’s second location next time I’m there! I heart St. Cloud thrifting!!

  2. WOO Hoo!

    Cannot wait till I show you the starting point for the tables.. it needs a bit of an overhaul.

    Until Nacho night,

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