friday estate sale finds

I woke up last Friday and wanted nothing more than to lounge in bed all day long. It was one of those chilly, rainy days that are made to be spent inside under a quilt, curled up with a stack of books and an ever-full cup of tea. (Kind of like today, which I also would have preferred to have spent in bed.) But, my mortgage doesn’t pay itself, so work-bound I was.

But, when I noticed two bedraggled red balloons, lamely dangling from the chain link fence across the street and a sign that read: Estate Sale, 8-5–instant excitement! I quickly grabbed my wallet, slipped on my flips and dashed through the rain to see what I could find. I came back with a slightly lighter wallet, but with a couple cool things I’d like to share.

Cross-stitch runner ($1) and container with teeny spoon ($1)

Vintage linens make me happy, and I love the simple, folksy floral design on this pretty little runner. My household is currently lacking any kind of salt shaker, so when I spotted this mint green Asian-inspired container, I knew exactly what I’d use it for. I love crossing things off my thrifting wish list! Plus, it fits in perfectly on my tray of vases.

Big chunk of coral (10 cents)

When my boyfriend picked this sucker up and said “This is cool!,” I had to smile. Because not all of my thrifted goods (ahem, my Sears donut machine, which I heart greatly), gets his stamp of approval. I’m glad he appreciates coral’s awesomeness. I found the “Pray for Surf” button at the Salvation Army in Blaine for 60 cents. I loves it!

Pretty wool scarf (50 cents)

A lady can never have too many scarves, I say. Especially ones with roses.

Well, I’m off to a very overdue dinner date with my sweet little Jess. It’s possible that I may squeeze her until she pops. I’ve missed her that much.



P.S. A big happy birthday to Butch Trucks, who turned 63 today. Watching good drummers do their thing one of my top small joys in life, so naturally, this vid of Butchie getting heavy on some cymbals (and a freakin’ tympani!!) warms my heart. I hope you enjoy it too.

“The band director gave three of us sticks and said, ‘Play me something.’ I just kind of played a long roll. He said ‘Whoa, you ever played, boy?’ I said, ‘No,’ and he said, ‘Well you’re playing drums!'”

-Trucks talking about picking up drumming in the eighth grade, an excerpt from this.

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