festival of garage sale finds

Hey y’all! Happy Sunday!

So, yesterday morning, Jamie picked me up and we headed over to the  Festival of Garage Sales in Bryn Mawr. It was a perfect day for it—sunny, breezy, beautiful. I couldn’t stop swooning over all the gorgeous gardens. There were flowers everywhere! It was heavenly.


Mammoth is the best way to describe this sale. Around every winding corner and down any random alley—there were people, music and of course, lots and lots of great stuff.

Why is sifting through other people's cast-off stuff so fun?

I passed up this little pair of paint-by-numbers. I wasn't feeling the whole coastal thing.

From vinyl to luggage, books to clothes, you could find it all.

I spent around $40 and came home with a boatload of stuff: A handful of  vintage dresses that will be up in the Etsy shop later this week, a huge paint-by-number painting, a cooler that’s perfectly sized for day trips, a worn-in pair of cowboy boots and the sweetest pillowcase. Observe…

Can you find the grammar boo boo? Oh how I wish I could stop being an editor for one minute of my life.

It wasn’t until I read the poem carefully that I realized the similarity between it and this gem of a song.

I loved this sweet ruffled blouse so much I wore it to the track that afternoon.

I melt for eyelet trim.

And, because I’m a sucker for anything pink, I had to pick up this pretty little dish. It will be perfect for holding rings and the like. The runner, with a double-punch of pink and eyelet, came home with me too.

Aren't those lil birdies charming?

This sale was definitely a fun event that I will not be missing next year. Did you do any thrifting this weekend? Are you as excited as I am that garage sale season is in full swing?!

Whatever your weekends held, I hope they were wonderful. I’ll be back tomorrow with an exciting little post. Until then…



7 thoughts on “festival of garage sale finds

  1. Oh man, what says SUMMER IS COMING like a festival of garage sales? Awesome.

    Also, we apparently share an eye for grammar mistakes and a love for eyelets. That shirt is cute! I love the SUPER red color.

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