wardrobe remix: tara sloane

Whoa, did this this weekend go by waaay too fast for anyone else?

To ease our collective “Monday-is-here-and-it-sucks” pain, here’s a a fun lil Q&A with Tara Sloane, intern extraordinaire.  Typically at work, I’m too preoccupied with trying to cross things off my never-ending to-do list to notice a whole lot, much less what the interns are wearing. Tara’s adorable style, however, caught my eye. Perfectly broken-in cowboy boots, vintage high-waisted skirts, flirty floral prints—there’s no way I was going to let her internship end without featuring her pretty self.

Me: Where’d you get all the pieces of your outfit?
Tara: The blouse and necklace are from my grandma’s closet. She’s saved every piece of clothing she’s owned since probably the ’60s. The skirt is from My Sister’s Closet on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. Tights are Topshop and the boots were my grandpa’s old work boots. The glasses are from Savers.

Me: Where would you wear this outfit?

Tara: Class (who says all college gals have to wear Victoria’s Secret Pink sweats?), interning, bookstore or art gallery browsing, wherever I feel the need to look “all grown up.”

Me: You mentioned you get a lot of clothes from your grandma. That’s awesome. Tell me a little about her and her style. What are some of your favorite finds from her closet? If you’re not the same size, what are your tricks for making her clothes work for you?

Tara: From what I gather, my grandma was quite the fashionista. My grandpa used to do a lot of shopping for her, and he has excellent taste. My grandma was always all dolled up. The things I find are mostly classic feminine—satin blouses, floral skirts, housedresses, cardigans.

It’s hit or miss with what fits me. I can’t wear any of her shoes or boots (I have big feet, sigh.), and a lot of things are too big or the styles are too long. I alter a lot of floor-length skirts so that they’re shorter and I belt some of the dresses and blouses so I actually have a waistline. But I love over-sized sweaters, so I”m in the clear there. My favorite thing is a yellow, blue, red and white-striped mod dress. It’s short, kind of jumper-like and zips up the front. Of course I wear it with very Twiggy eyeliner. And get a lot of bizarre looks on the bus.

Me: Do you have a favorite piece of vintage clothing? If so, what is it?

Tara: My grandpa’s boots! I think I’ve given them almost as much wear as he did. I’m also obsessed with my grey tweed Moffat blazer. I like to think these pieces go with just about everything.

Me: What’s your favorite thrift store in town? Why?

Tara: Blacklist Vintage, hands down. I could spend all day in there. Their collections of reinvented vintage are always so fun and quirky, they have the greatest hats and the selection of retro knick knacks (Lite Brite, anyone?) is to die for. They also have a Ms. Pac Man game upstairs you can play for free.

Me: Any tips for successful thrifting?

Tara: I guess it’s no different from shopping anywhere else, but don’t buy something unless you absolutely love it. And don’t buy vintage designer just because it’s designer. My grandma has this white and navy Oscar de la Renta cardigan I’ve been trying to make work for years but it won’t. I think it’ll always be frumpy.

Me: Do you have a go-to outfit, something you can throw on anytime and always feel great?

Tara: My friend made me a skirt from this jewel-toned purple fabric we found (surprise, surprise) at my grandma’s. Maybe it’s because she made it for me, or maybe it’s because nobody else in the world has one like it, but I feel so fabulous in that skirt. Plus I can dress it up or down, which is always a plus.

Me: What’s your favorite classic rock song?

Tara: I have been known to belt Queen’s “Somebody to Love” at obnoxious volumes when I need a pick-me-up.

Me: What are you excited about this spring? Any shows? Trips?

Tara: Graduation! Now the fun part of trying to make it as a journalist (ha.) I’m more excited for summer, though, for outdoor shows, music festivals and freckles. I love Minneapolis in the summer because we have to cram in as many outdoor events as possible before it gets cold again. It’s so exciting. A friend and I are also road-tripping to Chicago for Lollapalooza.

Me: Last but not least, are your glasses real?

Tara: No…busted! They’re from Savers, and I wore them to a costume party purely for frivolity’s sake. Then I wore them one night while I was studying, and somehow they just stuck. Now I guess I feel too ordinary or something without them.

Both photos were taken by the very talented Tate Carlson.
Thanks, Tate!

Don’t miss Tara’s article on Uptown’s Cult Status Gallery in the June issue of METRO magazine. It’s a great write-up about the new unique, much buzzed-about art venue.

If you’d like to have your thrifty style featured, email me!


I hope your week is off to a lovely start! Be back later this week with a useful, money-saving how-to.



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