crepe making, recipe & tips

Happy Saturday!

After a quick trip to the St. Paul Goodwill (found a beautiful, short-sleeved ’50s sweater dress) and Cheapo (happy Record Store Day!), I spent the afternoon prepping for tomorrow’s clothing swap.  I tried to alternate sigh-inducing chores (sweeping, laundry, more laundry) with enjoyable, smile-making ones. Making crepes most definitely puts a smile on my face.

I got this recipe in Madame Gasiorkiewicz’s French class. I think I was in seventh grade? Somehow, this little 4 x6 card has stuck with me for some 14 or so years, probably because the recipe is super easy & reliably awesome. Soooo, I thought I’d share it with you guys. Like my sophisticated 12-year-old handwriting?

Batter up!

Careful not to get the pan too hot, or you’ll end up with Cajun-style crepes. This one looks just right.

Layering wax paper in between each crepe keeps them from sticking together, and I also think the paper soaks up some of the extra oil. These crepes freeze superbly layered this way. Just seal them in a Ziploc bag, pop them in the freezer and bam, crepes for a rainy day, done.

Finn likes to check in to see how it’s going what I’ve dropped on the floor.

Tomorrow, I’m going to stuff a pan-full with this creamy bacon-mushroom filling. Nom. Some will remain meatless & unstuffed, so they can be spread with this magical stuff. Yesssss.


Let me know if you give Madame G’s recipe a try! I’m heading back to the kitchen to juice a boatload of limes for homemade Bloody Mary mix. Breakfast bevvies, bacon-y crepes, lovely ladies AND exchanging unwanted clothes for new stuff? Sounds like a pretty perfect Sunday morning to me. Until next time…



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