happy birthday loretta lynn

One of my all-time favorite lady singers, Loretta Lynn, turned 75 today.

Here’s her singing one of my favorite songs on “The  Johnny Cash Show.” I didn’t know it was one of his favs too, until I watched this vid. I love her dress! She always looks so so pretty, especially back in the ’60s and ’70s.

It never ceases to impress me that a woman who can belt out such sweet love tunes can also write “I’m-a-badass-strong-woman-don’t-eff-with-me-or-my-dude” anthems like “You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take My Man,” and another favorite of mine, “Fist City.”

Observe: “If you don’t wanna go to fist city, you’d better detour around my town. ‘Cause I’ll grab you by the hair of the head and I’ll lift you off of the ground.” Snap! Hair-pulling chick fights are no joke. Trust me, I was witness to many many many in junior high.

Anyway, here’s a nice performance of the tune I’ll hope you’ll like. How cute is that dog on set, btw? And the plaid-on-plaid.

Happy birthday, Loretta! I <3 you!



P.S. I asked Melanie from Idée Géniale to help me figure out how to style a pair of shoes that have been gathering dust in my closet for months. You can see the look she came up with here.  I was surprised by how “me” it is! I love the entire ensemble from the headband to the jacket to the pretty printed dress. Adorbs!

5 thoughts on “happy birthday loretta lynn

  1. I’m listening to her right now!!!!

    “As soon as… I hang up… the PHONE”
    “Goodbye Loretta.”

    Weird. I listen to her on repeat at work all of the time. You have great music taste!

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