slowed down sunday

Hey y’all & happy Sunday!

Do you ever feel like you’ve been going a million miles an hour with no rest in sight? Being sick put the brakes on my pedal-to-the-metal pace this week and while it’s been way more frustrating than fun, it has made me so appreciative of the breathers I do get. So today, with an afternoon completely free to myself (LOVE THAT) I decided to slow the heck down and get back to the basics.

I cooked.

Everything I’ve made from Jae Steele’s Get it Ripe cookbook has been delicious, so I have high hopes for this Ginger Sesame Pasta Salad. Me thinks this will make for some healthier-than-Grumpy’s lunches for me this week.

I baked.

These brownies = insanely delicious. A PR company mailed my co-worker Chuck a bunch of fancily packaged Tcho chocolate on Friday, and he kindly hooked me up with the bag of organic baking drops, under the condition that I whip up some brownies to share with the editorial crew on Monday. Done and done! The recipe I used can be found right here.

I walked my dog.

I took this Polaroid of Finn the summer I adopted him (2005). He’s the best dog in the entire world, and I love him so.

I painted my nails on my front porch.

At-home mani/pedis rule because I can zone out and listen to whatever I want (not to mention they’re infinitely cheaper and more convenient). This afternoon, the sunny weather put me in the mood for some super sixties tunes, so I picked this album to be the soundtrack to my pampering. It’s full of so many gems, you can’t help but sing along LOUDLY.

I listed some more pretties on Etsy.

Have you checked out the Etsy shop yet? No? Well, what are you waiting for? CLICK. I’m listing items almost daily, so check back often.

I made something.

This Design Sponge tutorial inspired me to make some custom business card/tag-type of things. I pasted cutouts from old magazines onto one size and stamped the other. Sweet eh? Have I mentioned I love Design Sponge. Because I do, a lot.

Now, it’s dusk, and I intend to curl up on my couch and sew some new buttons on one of my sweetie’s shirts.

Like I said, back to the basics.

I think I’ll watch Rescue Dawn while I sew. Has anyone seen it? I know it’s a war movie and all that, but a little dose of Christian Bale can’t hurt my night right?


On that handsome note, ta ta!



UPDATE: Rescue Dawn lost me when Christian Bale started scarfing down worms. I’ve moved on to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Royal Albert Hall show.

Bam. Doug Clifford just trumped Bruce Wayne.

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