beauty & the baton

Yesterday, my pal Jessi & I hit up an estate sale in Burnsville. My favorite purchase of the day was a book of photographs of the home’s owner, all from the ’40s.

Apparently, she was quite a badass baton twirler. Isn’t she pretty?

I love the pics from the parades she was in. This one was taken in Red Wing in June, 1949. I love the blurriness.

I think the shots of her practicing in the backyard are also awesome. I wonder who this guy is?

Also: her bathing suit? Love.

Here she is at a fancy dinner. I Googled NADAA (see bottom left corner) it stands for National Association of Dance Affiliated Arts. I think her date’s the dude with the shades on, which makes me love her even a little bit more.

It broke my heart to see a huge box of albums, all packed with gems like this. I wonder how these precious photos can wind up left behind? I’ll treasure and appreciate them, but wouldn’t her family do the same? Anyway, it’s hard to go to any estate sale and not experience at least a few twinges of sadness. Kinda goes with the territory, ya know? If you’re interested in going, the sale’s still on, and today, everything’s half-0ff. Details, including directions, can be found here.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a couple behind-the-scene peeks at my first shoot for my soon-to-be-open Etsy shop. Happy Saturday all!



3 thoughts on “beauty & the baton

  1. OMG those photos are so hilarious and amazing! What a cool lady! I love the guy spotting her in all the pics too. So great! I feel your pain when going through people’s things. I feel like I am invading their private lives. I also think about someday someone going through my stuff. They will find some really bad ass merch.

  2. oh my goodness! i decided to browse through some of your earliest posts to see how it all started… and then i saw THIS. I was at that estate sale the day it opened, and have been kicking myself ever since for not nabbing one of those albums. Seriously, I’ve reminisced about it out loud on more than one occasion.
    Goodness, lady, this somehow makes our meeting each other seem even more serendipitous!

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