weekend to dos

♥ do some laundry (see above)

♥ make more tags (blerg!)

♥ bake this bread (yumm!)

♥ hem a crap-ton of dresses with Andrea

♥ walk Finnie x 2 (extra credit if I *wash* Finnie)

♥ write my guest post for this lovely lady

♥ go see these gals at the Green Gifts Fair

♥ clean, clean, clean, clean

♥ yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga

Umm…this list is shaping up to be very chore-centric…me no likey. What’s on your agenda for this weekend? Hopefully a few more fun activities than moi! : )





what i’m up to tonight

Here’s a hint…

I’m taking a piano class! Every winter, I try to do at least one thing through Community Ed. Last year, I swam laps every week in an extremely overly chlorinated pool in Northeast. Tonight,  Intro to Blues Piano Using Chords and Playing by Ear. I’m stoked!! Here’s hoping my rusty fingers are up to the challenge. They said beginners welcome…



hair envy

I’m loving these soft, ’70s-style waves on Lindsey Wixson. They’re so so pretty! These shots have definitely motivated me to play around with my big hot rollers soon.

AnOther Magazine F/W 2010
Photographer: Venetia Scott
Stylist: Marie-Amelie Sauve in Resort Collections
Hair: Sebastien Richard
Makeup: Hannah Murray
Model: Lindsey Wixson

If you have a minute, check out the entire editorial. Along with the vintage-inspired styling, the “grandma’s house” style set is to die for…wood paneling, retro wallpaper, plastic place mats and all. Super inspiring all around.



what’s old is new

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

I was at the Salvation Army the other day, poking through the jewelry, when I saw this adorable magnifying glass necklace tangled up in a heap of other, less lovely chains.

Isn’t it precious? It occurred to me on my drive home from the shop, that I’d seen something similar somewhere on the Internet. At Urban Outfitters, to be exact!

The Sal/Val version: $2.The cost for the UO necklace: $28. Personally, I think the thrifted one looks cooler anyway.

If you’re a regular thrift-store shopper, I’m sure this is a common occurrence for you too, right? Spotting something at a thrift that’s being reproduced down the design, fabric, stitch and sold in “normal” stores? I guess as the saying goes, what goes around comes around…




my tumblr love that outs me as a total dork

Confession: Thanks to the magic that is Netflix’s “watch instantly,” over the past month, I’ve watched every single episode of the first season of “Murder, She Wrote.”

No joke.

I was starting to feel like I was overdoing it, but then I found this Tumblr, and knew right then: I am not alone in my adoration of Ms. J.B. Fletcher. There is no shame to be had! She’s awesome!

Photos are all from here.

Oh, and one more thing! I looked up to see what other seasons of the program Netflix has on demand. Every single one, as it turns out.

: )



things i thrifted yesterday

Hi all!

Yesterday, I braved the snow & and slippery roads to hit some thrifts. Here are a few of the things I found…
The prices ranged from 50 cents to $2 on these, btw.

♥ A bright round crazy-quilted circle made from vintage fabric, found at the bottom of a bin full of doilies, random cloth napkins, etc. This little beauty promptly found a home on my dining room table.

♥ A couple yards of this charming fabric. I love the combination of the black polka dots with the grey, pink and green roses. Not sure what I’m going to do with it just yet.

♥ And last but not least, the most comfortable pair of floral, long-underwear leggings. Perfect for wearing on a lazy, cold snowy Sunday.

Did you all thrift this weekend? Find anything awesome?

Anyway, I wish you all wonderful Sundays! I have to dash and get ready to watch my favorite team stomp the Vikings. (Fingers crossed!)




Psst! Did y’all know that you our local Salvation Army thrifts have an e-newsletter? Well, they do. And if you sign up to get it, you’ll be the first to know about new store openings, changes in hours and upcoming sale events. The icing on the cake? Most dispatches also come with a 25% off coupon! Lah-dee-dah!

All you have to do is enter your email, name and zip code.

Hop on over here to sign up.



on the brain: winter getaway apparel

Hi, and happy Friday!

So, my girl Mary and I are making plans for a little winter getaway. The two requirements for this trip? Our destination has to be hot and the whole shebang needs to be done on the cheap. And of course, the planner in me is already saving up ideas of things to wear while we’re on our sunny, tropical vacay.

These looks from Strummer hit the spot.



Do you all have winter travel plans? Any tips on where to find affordable vacation deals? I’m all ears!